Droitwich Ferret Welfare or DFW as it came to be known to many is no more. Whilst this is a sad time that another ferret welfare has ceased, we must always be pragmatic and decide on what is best in the long run.

Over the many years that DFW ran, it came to be recognised as a stalwart within the ferret welfare circle and its Trustees and staff were always considered to be well regarded in their area of knowledge and expertise. The main individual who was the founder and mastermind behind the welfare is Anne Robinson and it goes without saying that after a decade at the helm of DFW it was Anne who steered the charity through testing times as well as maintained excellent relations when the going was smooth. DFW has exceeded in what it set out to achieve and it has surpassed a number of other local and national welfares who have fallen by the wayside whilst DFW progressed and continued to offer excellent advice to local, national and international organisations including national government and also major players within the veterinary and pharmacological marketplace. Let's not forget that whilst doing all this sterling work, DFW still managed to rehome, care for and adopt hundreds (if not thousands) of sick and healthy ferrets over the years.

Those who have benefited from Anne's experience and tuition continue to put that knowledge to good use whilst Anne still has an extended interest in animal welfare and also taking on new personal goals for the future